InstaNM is a customizable Tele-Nuclear Medicine Imaging Solution that allows hospitals to leverage on the expertise of Nuclear Medicine specialists. As the count of such specialists is low, hospitals are greatly benefited by this system for consultation and interpretation of Nuclear Medicine images.


InstaNM Benefits

Save time with InstaNM

InstaNM is a time saver for both patients and specialists. Patients are diagnosed without waiting for the Nuclear Medicine specialist to get to the hospital. The specialists save time by viewing images online instead of at labs. Though Tele-Nuclear Medicine images are huge, streaming technology renders the image quickly on any Windows® system.

Save money with InstaNM

Faster diagnosis from remote locations enables specialists and hospitals to save money and pass on these savings as lower medical charges to patients. InstaNM also brings down IT and administrative costs by archiving NM images in the database. Physical archives that take space and cost money need not be maintained.

InstaNM is secure

Security features of InstaNM include:

  • Compliance with patient information security standards of HIPAA
  • HL7 compliant
  • FDA approved
  • Login based session control
  • Digitally signed reports
  • Electronic signatures
  • Biometric authentication
Training & Support

Meddiff Technologies will provide:

  • Web based trainings
  • User guides
  • 24×7 customer support
  • Site visits when required
  • Updates and upgrades