InstaMobi is designed to quickly, easily, and securely transfer DICOM images from hospitals and imaging centers to on-call and other radiologists and referring physicians with iPads or smartphones InstaMobi’s simple interface and robust feature set make it the ideal tool for remote review, interpretation, and diagnosis of radiological images; reviewing images at patient bedside; teleconsulting with colleagues; distributing images in house and much more. Together with InstaMobi , a cost-efficient post processing workstation,improves workflow . This solution supports the growing demand for remote and portable access to medical images while lowering costs,. Insta Mobi allows radiologists to work remotely more easily and to communicate & collaborate better with referring physicians and other medical personnel helping to improve patient access to services. InstaMobi is an innovative array of functions.

InstaMobi Benefits

  • It Integrates with 3rd Party PACS & RIS.
  • It supports multi- touch display.
  • Application clustering is supported providing a single URL access to a multi-server configuration.
  • It supports image Archive Search criteria based on : Patient Name/ID, Modality Type, Accession Number, Date Range.
  • It has the ability to scroll, set WW/WL, zoom & pan.
  • Provides 2D, 3D & MIP/MPR capabilities