Insta ZFP

InstaZFP is an optional module to RIS-PACS system which may get deployed at Imaging Centers OR at Hospitals. ZFP lets users view images without installing any application on their desktops. The ZFP Viewer is recommended to be used as default image viewing application for Physicians. Radiologists may also use the ZFP for diagnostic purposes. The product can be also installed in find more the Enterprise scenario, where multiple centers/hospitals are interconnected to provide effective collaboration

Insta ZFP Benefits

  • Measurement tools: Length, ROI, HU value, Free hand, elliptical, Angle, Cobb Angle o Viewing Tools: Zoom, Pan, Rotate, Flip
  • Annotation: Text, Arrow.
  • Reference line
  • Series synchronization – learn more Manual and Auto o Prior study
  • Export-Image, Study
  • Cine view
  • Thumb Nail view
  • Side by Side Report and Image display